Dear Dr. Ahn and staff

It was a short time but thank you so much for your kindness. Finally I have met a good dentist, therefore it is so sad that I have to go back to Japan. I wish you the best in your practice.
Mutsuko Okai

Dr. Stanley Ahn

Thank you very much for everything you did for me until today.

I was surprised when I saw 'before and after pictures'. It looks different person! I am very satisfied and so happy now, except only one thing I won't be able to come to your office any more.

I also thank all staffs, especially Midori-san. They are always thoughtful to me.

I am leaving soon, but I hope I could come back to New York someday.

Thanks again and good luck.
Sachiko Okudo

Dear Dr. Ahn,

I walked into your office filled with fear and stress over my dental problems. Today, I am hopeful and able to deal with the circumstances at hand. You have made a wonderful difference in my life. Thank you for your gift of dentistry.

Wishing you much peace and blessings during this season of newness and warmth.
Gayle Smith

Dear Dr. Ahn and staff

Thank you for donating your time and services to treat Ms. Ida Washington. Because of your compassion some of New York's underserved are able to enjoy a healthy smile. The NY DDS Program is extremely grateful.
NY DDS Coordinator